Camping Rotterdam defies easy description; To fully understand how amazing it is, you have to experience it yourself! Camping Rotterdam is a four-day cultural festival with live music, theater, games and other crazy activities. The people staying at the campground can enjoy an unprecedented mix of urban scenes in an outdoor camping atmosphere. There are contests, bingo games, amazing performances, kids’ entertainment, cabaret, dances, and great food. Don’t forget to bring along your own toilet roll!


Together with Ruud Tompot (communication strategy), CAFE OPEN developed the concept and graphic style for the communication campaign. This year the theme was ‘glamour’, in authentic camping style of course. It quickly became clear that Marja van Katendrecht, the 'female' mayor of the campsite, had to have her own glossy magazine. A pocket-sized glamour publication, to be precise, which fits perfectly in the side pocket of your camping trousers. We also launched an intensive social media campaign in which several hoax stories were released gradually. Almost every design proposal was presented on Facebook first, and only the design with the most ‘likes’ was printed. In a way, this campaign was successfully co-created with all of Camping Rotterdam’s Facebook friends!