The Studio for Unsolicited Architecture creates opportunities to bring promising design ideas to life, uniting architects, policy-makers and the construction sector to create a better-organised world. The Studio for Unsolicited Architecture is a new project of the Netherlands Architecture Institute. Acting as a link connecting new forms of spatial design to practical realisation, the studio is dedicated to promoting designs that address urgent social issues but have very little chance of coming to life, in view of the current construction climate and economic downturn


The story of The Studio for Unsolicited Architecture is a complex story that cannot be told easily or quickly. How could we capture the story in a one-and-a-half-minute video? We had to break it down to the essence of the project; it’s not about buildings, but about people. Together with Ellen Ter Beek, CAFE OPEN developed the concept and visual style for this video. Duko Stolwijk was responsible for the video production.