CAFE OPEN is always looking for creative inspiration and new collaborations, with the aim of bringing fantastic ideas from concept to realization. These ideas could be experimental, socially relevant, or closely related to current issues. They might be commissioned by a third party or self-initiated. The projects produce a diverse range of results: from a brand or corporate identity or a promotional campaign to a book, video or artwork – online or offline. We are always committed to a conceptual, strategic and personal approach. Carefully considered, well researched and goal-oriented, we look for the links between form and content. Our work is comprehensible, relevant, effective – and it looks darn good, too!


CAFE OPEN believes in what cooperation can achieve. The very best concepts and solutions emerge from a process of cooperative evaluating, brainstorming and collaborating. Everyone has their own strengths, often coinciding with their greatest passions. Rather than working in predefined teams that are thrown together simply because the people are on the payroll, our project teams are composed of specialists who are ideally suited for the task at hand. We see the client as part of the team; the client is involved from the very beginning, starting with the creative strategy, the moodboard and the first sketches. If possible, we get the target group involved using social media or consulting a panel. Collaboration across the spectrum is efficient and leads to synergy. This approach provides unique, well-supported concepts and opens up unlimited possibilities for using a wide range of media.