The Enterprize Contest is a crash course in entrepreneurship for young Rotterdam citizens. The contestants with the best business ideas will win access to intensive professional guidance and a dose of inspiration to help them successfully realise their business plans. The Enterprize Contest is an initiative of Stadsontwikkeling Rotterdam (Urban Development Rotterdam).


Together with Susanne Volder (communication strategy) CAFE OPEN provided the campaign’s name, overall concept and visual branding. We aimed to create a style that is not only contemporary and appealing to young people, but also takes itself seriously enough to tackle this topic. To make sure we hit the right note, we put together a highly discerning panel of target group critics. Based on their feedback, the campaign’s style was developed co-creatively with former contestants for PR, film, photography and distribution. The end result: a combination of corporate design reminiscent of Donald Trump (embossed seals, cream-coloured paper, tall banners, elegant serifs and the like) and a fresh typographic style, heavy social media integration, and newspaper flyers. The website was put together by